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July 2, 2013
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Calypso the Cat Reference by eternityspark Calypso the Cat Reference by eternityspark
wow is this the 5000th time that i redid her outfit 
cause it sure feels like it

Name: Calypso

Nicknames: Amazon; Nuke 

Species: Floridan panther 

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Height (In comparison to other characters): She is smaller than most, but she always tries to make herself look taller.

Body type: She is slim but has very muscular legs

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Nationality: Scottish 

Voice Actor: Merida from "Brave" (Kelly Macdonald) 

Theme Song: Touch the Sky by Julie Fowlis (… )

Team Position: Power (Member of Team Federations)

Occupation: Works for United Federations (NOT G.U.N.) She resides in Central City, but goes to other places under UF's command.


*Calypso is quite insecure when it comes to her powers. She does not wish to do evil with them, and her determination to gain control of her powers is evident, but her lack of existent control usually proved them to be a danger instead of a benefit. Calypso is sensitive towards other people and their well-being, so she always carefully moderates the amount of radioactivity that she exposes to others. Calypso mostly likes to observe others, even to the point of making others uncomfortable. She has been shown to like performing daring acts, and appears to be good at gymnastics. 

*Calypso absolutely abhors fighting (shes ok with play/practice fighting), but if she does encounter one she will try to end it as quickly as possible without seriously injuring her opponent. She is a kind and caring individual, who expresses concern for almost everyone's safety. Calypso hates when people worry about her well-being, mainly because she is convinced that she can defend herself when necessary (not always true). Calypso is very playful and loving with those who she trusts, but she does not forget and forgive easily.

Powers: Calypso has the ability of radiation generation/manipulation, which means she can use this radiation for her bidding (however she is not very good at it yet). This activity is extremely dangerous to those around her, so she prefers it when she is completely isolated to use her powers. She cannot do it for a extremely long time, and her powers may fluctuate uncontrollably in accordance to her emotions, due to the fact that she is not experienced with her abilities. When she gets mad, she can accidentally induce illness on those who are around her, so keeping her emotions in check is always important. She must keep her neck covered at all time, because that is where her natural radiation is most concentrated. All of those around her are exposed to usual levels of radiation, and machinery can also be affected.

*Her powers mean that she can make any object radioactive, by performing neutron bombardment, or stabilize normally-radioactive elements. When she gets more experienced she will be able to destabilize protons in order to disintegrate matter (with a blast of intense radiation), manipulate objects containing neutronium(she can create barriers or spikes), and accelerate or decelerate the rate of radioactive decay. When using these powers heat can be generated, and electronics are known to malfunction. Most of the time however, she has no control on the intensity of heat released or when her powers affect machinery.

*She isnt the best hand-to-hand fighter, so she heavily relies on her weapon and evading techniques to help her.
*Calypso does not have a sturdy defense against attacks and usually relies on her nucleokinesis to protect her.
*She has big ears that are sensitive, so if there are any high pitched or loud noises, they can seriously hurt her.
*She has terrible motor skills (except for planes)
*She hates using guns or anything with has a loud firing noise. 
*Her powers are (VERY) unstable

*Her head is covered in close-lying orange fur
*White muzzle and inner ears
*Yellowish green irises with slitted black pupils and glassy white sclera. Two thick eyelashes on each eyelid.
*Skinny and somewhat curvy body that is covered with white and orange fur
*Large, alert sensitive ears that are quite flexible and often move where sound is detected
*Small black, shiny triangular nose with no apparent nostrils
*Large, and long tail that acts like any other normal tail would
*3 curly spikes of hair on each side of her head, 3 varying sizes of spikes of hair that arch out in front of her head, and arched tufts of orange fur on the back of her head, that look somewhat like shoulder-length hair

*She loves to play fight with people
*She tends to cuss a lot
*She has very sharp nails that can sheathe and unsheathe
*She has a tomahawk that can be coated in solidified radioactivity
*Calypso's tribe cut of her tail when she was a child in order to be able to swim
*Calypso's hair spikes are very pliable, and are able to fold down and form more real-looking hair
*She loves to fly
*She absolutely loves the forest

Short Backstory

Raised by the Sekhmet Felidae Clan in the Mystic Mountains, Calypso was born into a hierarchy of female warriors (which is not always a good thing for a pacifist). Since the day of her birth, Calypso has been trained to be a skillful and ruthless fighter. She has been one of the few that that had not initially accepted this form of training, but her work for the tribe began early on anyway. She performed any special task or procedure that the tribe asked of her, but she was known for her reluctance to hurt others. The government (United Federation) tracked her down due to the extreme amount of radiation found in the areas around her, and forced her to contain her powers so she would not hurt anyone by her natural radiation. She was kept in a separate facility, and was allowed minimal contact with others for that period of time. Her tribe then later expelled her after they found out about her abilities, and they still refuse to come into contact with her (shes fine with that though).

Later on she agreed to assist the United Federations (NOT G.U.N.) with special tasks and missions because she had no other place to go, and partially because what they did for her. 

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